Who is brandi glanville dating now

31-Aug-2017 12:28

I have no problem with having it because I plan on having it ALL done one day, but you have to be able to afford it and have downtime, which I don’t have right now.'Brandi described her diet tip at the moment, telling Daily Mail.com: 'I’m eating pretty normally now, but just less of it. I make egg salad, I’m having eggs three times a day. I met him the other night in Malibu and I’m telling you his eyes were so dreamy, I could barely look at him. It goes on our upper bodies more than our lower bodies.''At the moment I can’t afford to do anything...There is a lot going on at TT headquarters today, but I had to stop everything as soon as I could when one of the Brandi fans emailed me worried that her social media and DJ’s indicate that their relationship is on the rocks!Back when I first posted about this relationship, the Brandi haters began chiming in that she would screw this up. Brandi was up all night last night drinking and rereading her book, But never fear! Brandi and her father have been filming Reality Family Boot Camp.Brandi didn't hold back during the riotous chat in which she described her hot hook-ups with the Uber driver and her dates with the actor, not to mention her vaginal rejuvenation and why Erika Jayne will never replace her on Housewives.'I had a great date last night with my Uber driver. I guess I have cut back a bit, but I still love my wine. Driving from Calabasas all the time means I’m in the car a lot, so I now pack healthy snacks to take with me.''When you’re on a show like that you need "reality juice." I think that was kind of a crutch for the show. I’m not going out like I did almost every night on Housewives, you know, we’re having dinner parties seven nights a week and drinking every night.As far as filming goes, Brandi has been fighting with Amber Portwood, who is there is Matt.

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Rimes’ rep did not respond to Us Weekly‘s request for comment, and her manager had no comment.

Clearly, Eddie Cibrian's ex wanted in on the attention as she stripped down with her beau for an even se XXXier snap (above)!

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But my palette’s definitely changed so it was really good.'When asked how she feels about Erika Jayne, dubbed 'the new Brandi,' the real Brandi replied: 'We’re really nothing alike, but I like her "no bullsh*t" attitude.

Brandi Glanville had a recent dip in the lady pond with her "My Kitchen Rules" co-star Cat Cora.

News’ Daily Pop on Monday, June 5, as seen in the video above.