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08-Nov-2017 17:37

When an object is linked to relational data, it receives attributes to identify how properties correspond to columns within the database.

LINQ to SQL is the first stage of LINQ technology, the aim of which is to bridge the gap between the two different ways of representing data entities.First, the rowversion of the product entity is checked to identify whether to insert or update.Then, to insert a new product, the Insert On Submit method is called on the Products entity, with the new entity instance passed to it.For updating, the Attach method is called by parsing the entity with changed values, and this sets the modified status to true, indicating that the entity has been modified.

The Get Change Set method call on the data context provides a Change Set instance to track down the changes such as insert counts, update counts and delete counts.

Gayani provides the complete source code for a sample Data Access Layer for LINQ to SQL, using the Northwind Database, and explains how it all works and how to get good performance.