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15-Dec-2017 04:04

He's a psych major which lends even more credibility to his statements, but basically he said that because we don't have sex with a girl when our relationships have reached that stage we cannot keep her and that God designed male/female relationships to take a certain course of action in a certain sequence and that it is very hard to frustrate that course of action and not have a breakup.

He say that we could slow down the whole process and take each step with the girl very slowly to not reach the point-of-no-return, but I don't know.

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Passive dating and chronic delay of lifelong commitment (now epidemic), does.

My advice: Be active and intentional in your pursuit of a spouse, not a girlfriend; be encouraged that you're not the only one who feels the way you do; and beware of secular psycho-babble.

It will ultimately fail, though, because she's giving away her sexual power and giving him no reason to commit.

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That's real manhood, and you, my friend, will not be disappointed, and your wife will be swept off her feet by your sacrificial expression of love.But before I get to that, let's clarify a few important things.First, there are plenty of Christian leaders who've waited for marriage before they've had sex. Second, not all Christian women are engaging in pre-marital sex.The relationship between a guy and a girl has built within it a God-wired design — God has a point to the whole thing.

Your friend acknowledges that, but believes (or implies) that the point — the end goal — of the relationship is sex. Sex is part of the natural progression of the guy/girl relationship, but it is not the point.The line between psych and psycho-babble can sometimes be very thin.