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For several years Brooks, an archeologist at George Washington University, had been pursuing the heretical hypothesis that humans in Africa had invented sophisticated technologies even earlier, while their European counterparts were still getting by with the same sorts of tools they’d been using for hundreds of thousands of years.If conclusive evidence hadn’t turned up, it was only because nobody had really bothered to look for it.The fossilized remains of extinct animals found near the object also provide a biostratigraphic record that can offer clues to a new find’s relative age.(If a stone tool is found alongside an extinct species of horse, then it’s a fair bet the tool was made while that kind of horse was still running around.) Sometimes the tools themselves can be used as a guide, if they match up in character and style with tools from other, better-known sites.For gosh sake, he won’t even name his favorite supermodel: ”I don’t have one,” he mutters, nursing a Kahlua and milk in Manhattan’s swanky Oak Bar. EW: What’s the secret to being a good game-show host? EUBANKS: Making the contestants funny instead of you trying to be funny.

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Eventually two more whole points and fragments of five others turned up, all of them elaborately barbed and polished.

Ever since the discovery the couple have devoted themselves to chopping away at that stubborn little word if.

In the face of the entrenched skepticism of their colleagues, it is an uphill task. In those same four years since the first harpoon was found at Katanda, a breakthrough has revived the question of modern human origins.

But some is made up of the unstable, radioactive form carbon 14.

When an organism dies, it contains about the same ratio of carbon 12 to carbon 14 that exists in the atmosphere.A few feet away, the scientists uncovered pieces of an equally well crafted daggerlike tool.

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