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What a lot of people do is work for the Air Force or Army for twenty years and retire to Colorado Springs, working for a private contractor doing the same job as before (Space Systems Engineering, for example) for three times the pay, while drawing military retirement benefits.

It’s one of the most lucrative deals I’ve ever heard of.

There’s a law somewhere that says mountain’s can’t have “possessive names,” so they just removed the apostrophe.

Because of the high altitude, everything that’s bottled is under pressure.

I have been to the top of Pikes Peak exactly twice: once 20 years ago when I was visiting my grandparents, and last year, to take my daughter there on a school field trip.

Both times, we took the cog railway to get up there.

It’s no laughing matter, obviously, but it is interesting to me that Colorado Springs would have two natural disasters that are such polar opposites—we get damage from extreme cold/water and extreme dry/fire.

…and the hailstorms are very strange: it will literally be a calm, sunny day, around 80 or 90 degrees, in late July, where you’re sweating in the dry heat, then around pm, a huge deluge of golfball-sized hail falls out of the sky, smashing windshields, denting cars, ripping leaves and flowers off of trees, and then… We live in “Colorado Springs.” That’s easy to pronounce.

Oh, and for the record, it’s called “Pikes Peak,” not “Pike’s Peak.” Its official name does not include an apostrophe, at least since 1890.There are many roads in downtown Colorado Springs that give people a lot of trouble, two that seem nearly impossible: “Cache le Poudre” and “Vermijo.” Cache le Poudre is French for “hide the powder,” and has a fascinating back story of French trappers who hid gunpowder in a river bank a long time ago.However, nobody cares about that, or the fact that it should be pronounced like “cawsh-luh-poo-druh” so instead they’ll say “catch-la-pooter.” Some people haven given up entirely and just call it “Cash Street.” Tons of locals haven’t been to the top of Pikes Peak, and they don’t care to.In Northern California, the big scare, of course, was earthquakes.

Here in Colorado Springs, there are two natural disasters we get: unbelievably huge hailstones, and forest fires.

I’ve lived through two wildfires (the Waldo Canyon fire, and the Black Forest fire) and nearly 1,000 homes were burned down.