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23-Aug-2017 15:01

These speaker wall mounts will hold standard bookshelf speakers weighing up to 25 pounds.

The special key slot screws will also accomodate the popular SLS Q-Line Gold Speakers.

Unless otherwise specified by an AV-Express representative any product not shipped back in its original condition or original carton(s) an appropriate restocking fee may be charged.

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These speaker mounts can tilt and swivel allowing the best on-axis response for your speakers.

Each pair of Aeon speaker mounts includes all the required hardware to install anywhere; while maximizing the sound quality and aesthetics of your home theater system.

Please note that AV-Express does not cover damages caused by abuse, alterations, opened equipment, overpowering, or any damages/imperfections caused by the user. After your initial contact you will be given instructions on how to return.

We will be happy to replace the qualifying product or part at our cost. All returns on qualifying products will be inspected to ensure it has been shipped back to us in a protective manner with all original parts unless otherwise specified.

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Here's how this number is decoded: C = Decade of design (1960's) 5 = Year of decade (1965) S = Car line (Thunderbird) Z = Engineering Department (Ford Service Parts) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) A = Design change (original design, no revision) This basic wheel was used on Thunderbirds from 1965-1967.… continue reading »

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