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The findings were shared with the individuals’ functional leadership, who determined that the senior professional should be separated from the firm.The junior professional received a written reprimand and the performance review rating was negatively impacted.According to a tipster, KPMG distributed this the other day, because apparently sleeping with your coworkers is a serious problem over there.Wasn't EY the Big 4 firm with the audit partner screwing the client?It also can occur with a friend, classmate, family member, or a stranger.Sexual violence includes any type of sexual conduct or sexual contact that is not consensual and is forced, or when the victim could not give consent.

We get it, you're captive in that windowless room with your colleague and it all starts to make sense the more you're locked up in that tiny space. One minute you're testing internal controls, the next you've lost yours.sleep with your colleagues and getting shut down.If your teen child has been sexually assaulted or abused in some way, you as a parent need to take care of you as well as your teen child.