Rules when dating a musician

30-Aug-2017 15:22

That’s the kind of person he or she is, and that behavior will exist in various forms on off the road.

So basically, you should worry about it all the time, not just when they’re on tour.

Do not get get jealous when your boyfriend/girlfriend talks to groupies. Don’t follow him/her around at the show while he/she is taking care of business/networking. (Unless invited.) Do not assume that everyone loves your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s bands. The shirt is fine, but the hat, koozie, hoodie, and stickers on your ass is a bitch much.

Do not complain when your special day gets cancelled because a gig has been booked. It is hard enough to fund a tour, and you will just be another person to feed for the night. If the band has an out of town gig, do not come along to have alone time.

In fact, it’s probably something you liked about them in the first place.

We all need a passion and an opportunity to indulge in it.

“I haven’t seen them but it’s not to say I won’t,” she says.Sure, you can hook up in the van, but that’s not ideal.

If we're going to do this, we must be able to be honest with each other.… continue reading »

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It's also nice because in TV and movies, a lot of times the guys who are romantically successful are just brash assholes, and I suppose maybe that's true in real life too. He's not one of these guys who's got Gloria Steinem as the background on his phone so he can get laid.… continue reading »

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