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Italian documentary director Gianfranco Rosi, who picked up top honours in Venice three years ago, will enter the competition with "Fire at Sea" about Lampedusa, a Mediterranean island on the front line of the crisis.It will join another dozen films in the festival's sprawling sidebar sections looking at the impact of mass displacement in a globalised world.Biopics bonanza, movie marathons Big crowds are also expected for "Genius", the feature debut by British theatre director Michael Grandage starring Colin Firth as literary editor Max Perkins, who published some of the 20th century's greatest American writers.Jude Law plays Thomas Wolfe, Nicole Kidman his lover and muse Aline Bernstein, with Dominic West portraying Ernest Hemingway and Guy Pearce as F. Biopics will enjoy top billing, with Germany's first feature production on teenage diarist Anne Frank, who died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, due to premiere.Kosslick, 67, said a further trend was marathon movies, testing the boundaries of storytelling in a world in which viewers had lengthened their attention spans by binge-watching ambitious new television series."There are feature films that really take their time to tell a complete story," he said.

John the Divine, in all its gorgeous, stained glass glory. My favorite book I used to read to my son when he was little, was called and I don’t think that’s coincidence. It was something, and she was like a straight ally before there were straight allies. That’s one of the reasons things have progressed so quickly in a short amount of time. Are you going to vote or be silent or do something that directly effects their human civil rights? JG: On July 1st, we are going to be the first same sex couple on . I’m going to Mill Valley to a theatre, and then I’m at the Montreal Comedy festival. What was interesting to you at this age, or even younger, and just start there.

The 11-day Berlinale, one of the top three cinema showcases in Europe along with Cannes and Venice, will start with a gala screening of "Hail, Caesar!