Polyamorous triad dating invalidating stale software suspend images

04-Jul-2017 15:28

I’m straight, and my girlfriend was bi, so we decided that a bi woman would be a good fit.

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I initially held harsh judgments towards monogamous people, and would go on and on about how they were living in fear.To me, this illustrates how a community can be weakened by division within.To remain strong, I hope that the polyamorous community can avoid ego-motivated emphasis upon qualitative subdivisions, and stay open-hearted towards all of the variations we witness in the realms of non-monogamy.Also, some of the judgments from males may come from frustration that they can not have access to the female in a MF couple who is looking for a bi woman, thus motivating them to find an argument that would make her available.

Regarding patriarchy, I personally am not interested in having any kind of power or control in a MFF triad.

So what are the judgments of the MFF triad which some poly people seem to hold?