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An archeological dig on the banks of Lake Constance has produced something just as spectacular as the erotic clay figures from Saxony.Researchers discovered a temple whose walls were once adorned with protruding clay breasts.The current Mobil sign, seen below, no longer incorporates the Pegasus.New pornographic figurines from the Stone Age have been discovered in Germany.Since its discovery on August 19, 2003, the partially intact "Adonis from Chernitz" -- as it has been dubbed -- has been creating quite a stir at the state office of archeology in Dresden.Sculptors have carefully recreated the curve of the figure's buttocks and other anatomical minutiae are also clearly visible.

In fact, in an article soon to be published in the journal Germania, Staeuble speculates on how the pieces could fit together.When did man first become embarrassed by sexual activity?Who invented the incest taboo and the concept of monogamy in marriage?In 1931, Socony merged with the Vacuum Oil Company, forming Socony-Vacuum.

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Socony-Vacuum patented the Pegasus, or "Flying Red Horse," trademark and the Mobiloil/Mobilgas brand name.

Another indication that the two figures belong together is the fact that they are both made to the same scale -- both figures were originally just under 30 centimeters (11.7 inches) tall.