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18-Dec-2017 06:00

How many people can say they went to Barbados on a first date?

The experience on the show gave me the confidence I needed to get back in the dating game.

Had the opportunity to appear on the show not presented itself, I may never have had the motivation to start doing things that made me feel better than I already felt.

Whether it's going to the gym, shopping, doing charity work, or spending time with my kids, I am a firm believer in finding personal fulfillment.

Marcellas' close up proves to be too much and fails his first love lesson.

Patti's tough love only makes matters worse and pushes him to the edge.

Sure, Jo Jo Fletcher has her hands full in a mansion brimming with equally handsome and wild fellas who make Ben Higgins look like old news — say hello to quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ little brother, Jordan!

Shawn Isaac, a former politician and current rapper who judges women based on their resume and 90's rap icon, Monie Love, who micromanages her men into man babies arrive! Patti clashes with poker player, Jason Karniol who has yet to play his cards right in his dating life.

Patti gives them tough love and gets deep into their problems.

Divorce can be paralyzing especially when financial problems begin presenting themselves, but I didn't do the show to find money, I did it to give finding love a chance.