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He is a major contributor to the book - The Signs and Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac (2013).

Research of Ancient Acoustic Mysteries Will reveal the power Archaeoacoustics as a discipline can reveal about ancient sites.

Maria will focus on one important question: who built Stonehenge.

She recently discovered that the Neolithic people of Stonehenge had elongated skulls.

The three sides of this huge triangle project onwards creating 'the Great Dragon Line', The Michael Line (from Cornwall to the Norfolk coast); the Michael Apollo Line (down through classical Europe); and the Celtic, Lugh Line, that runs from the western isles of Scotland, through France and into the Pyrenees.

Lecture 2: The Megalithic Sites of the Channel Islands A non-stop introduction to the mysteries and megaliths of the Channel Islands; incorporating - Neanderthal caves; dolmens and menhirs; spectral black hounds; Puck and White Ladies; sacred springs and Druid Circles stolen from Jersey and rebuilt in Oxfordshire - not to forget a standing stone with breasts and the Devil's own hole!

Separated by thousands of miles, monumental sites were connected by magnetic lines of force streaming over the surface of the Earth.

I this talk archaeologist Julian Richards will trace the development of our current understanding of Stonehenge, introducing some of the latest archaeological ideas and suggesting ways in which future research might answer some of our questions. Julian is an archaeologist who has been involved with research on Stonehenge and its landscape for over 35 years.He has a taught Masters degree in engineering, a Bachelors degree in Physics with astronomy, and a Masters degree in Science, Research and Society.

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