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25-Oct-2017 19:22

But I certainly understand that consideration, that I would be a bleak and miserable person, because a lot of my lyrics are very despondent. Davey Havok (born 20 November 1975) is an American singer, actor and fashion designer, best known as the vocalist of the bands AFI and Blaqk Audio.

Havok is an outspoken advocate of the straight edge lifestyle, veganism, and atheism.

, Havok details the chaos in his life during the writing of the album.

Whatever people think of me is fine, however they want to envision me. I’m always intrigued by who people think I am and the persona they have created for me, what they think I’m into, what they think I’m not into.

In an oddly morbid but still light-hearted chat, Havok tells us that — pending his own death (and maybe not even then) — AFI will probably be around for as long as The Rolling Stones.

He also drops plenty of other tasty nuggets of insight, on a whole heap of topics ranging from his new side project with the guys from No Doubt, to the “meaningless” and “insulting” term “emo”, to the “emotional trauma” he suffered as a result of being asked to star on a reality TV show one time and the strong likelihood of an AFI Australian tour on the horizon.

It really informed what was going on, what variables there were in my life. If they want to take something from it and use it in a personal way, I think that's great. Do you find, getting close to 40, that you're not as deeply affected by things, but are wiser?

Was it personal issues, family issues, professional issues . I wouldn't want to risk destroying that just so someone can get a better understanding of me personally. I don't think that those two things have to be mutually exclusive.) We caught Davey just as he arrived back in town from London to promote AFI’s new album, .

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