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They will go to a fancy restaurant and eat delicious food, while enjoying a great time together. It's a very special Valentine's Day for Sarah and Tim because they're spending Valentine's Day together on vacation in Italy!

They have lots of plans to spend a romantic time together, Tim has take...

The video content is as follows: 1) A brief interview with James Mathe 2) TMG’s expectations for the event 3) Two Penny Games’ expectations for the event, and their preparation for their first event 4) Cosmic Wombat’s expectations for the event 5) Epoch Rift demo’d to Cosmic Wombat 6) Epoch Rift demo’d to TMG 7) Cosmic Wombat’s experience and recap 8) TMG’s experience and recap (bonus guest!

) 9) Kelsey and Drake’s impressions of the event And a thank you to JR Honeycutt, John Staton and Cody Lewis for the creation of these videos. That’s my perspective – first time pitching a game in the Speed Dating event.

There's no need to dress up when visiting the historical halls and buildings in the National Mall. The famous fountains of love in Philadelphia have been the site of hundreds of proposals and thousands of first kisses.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists and students flock to Washington D. And if you can imagine the love already swirling the air in the city of brot...

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So, watch through all nine videos, or use the arrows below to scroll through them.Going into a meeting or event like this with uncertainty and apologies for your game will likely just get your game back in your hands at the end of the night.