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28-Sep-2017 13:16

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In any case, it’s clear she’s gone AWOL of late not because of negligence but because of the simple fact that she’s using (and you’re not). After seeking the advice of several friends, I asked permission to “bid on her” during the date auction. The next day, she texted to say she couldn’t date anyone in law school—it wasn’t anything I did but rather the timing—and that she just wanted to “be friends.” We barely talked at the date auction, where she was “purchased” by a guy she can't stand who’s a legit stalker.So I wouldn’t hold her current silence against her so much as I’d see it as a symptom of her larger problems. Dear Friend or Foe, The first semester of law school, I met a classmate (“Samantha”) and was immediately attracted. I worked up the courage to ask her out, and she said yes! Then on Super Bowl Sunday she invited just me to a party. On the way home, she asked me if I could hook up with a random woman. Also, I didn't tell her this, but I’m very inexperienced—not for lack of trying. I didn’t make a move because I didn’t want to push too far.I believe what Kelly wants is for me to be very angry with her so that her guilt can be assuaged and she can feel justified in what she's doing.In addition, I think she wants me to kick her out of my wedding.She also got a job and seemed to be getting her life back on track.We spent a lot of time together during the summer before I gave birth to my daughter. I’m 99.9 percent certain that she stole some of my leftover pain medication from when I had my C-section.Dear Friend or Foe, One of my dear friends—“Kelly”—is slated to be a bridesmaid in my July wedding.

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We hung out before the date in a group, and one of my friends (“Matt”) told me she was all into me. I even called a friend to grab her favorite wine on his way up to the championship parade (believing it would knock her socks off).

I suspect Kelly is simply dating him to alleviate her crushing loneliness. Do I kick her out of my wedding and never speak to her again?