Does speed dating work

17-Nov-2017 05:08

Our unique online matching system means you never have to tell anyone whether you like them.

There’s no awkwardness around exchanging contact info, because we take care of that.

Thank you again for offering the best way to meet vegan & vegetarian men; nothing else compares!!!!

As a vegan male, it has been increasingly important for me to find a like minded gal, so it was great having a roomful of single eligible vegan girls to chat with!

At Ditch or Date we believe in giving the best most personal service with a really friendly touch.

All our events are hosted by our own experienced and very professional hosts who take pride in running our very successful events.

Everyone you meet at our events will be vegan or vegetarian.While some polls have historically suggested there were more female vegetarians, more recent polls show the gender split is pretty much even as of 2016.