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01-Nov-2017 07:34

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For decades, psychologists believed that it's natural for humans to see behaviors and automatically link them to personality.

"For example, when you see somebody giving a seat to an old man in a train, you might jump to the conclusion that that person is very nice and kind," says Shinobu Kitayama, of the University of Michigan. "But the behavior may be motivated by some other things.

In a second phase of the experiment, the researchers found evidence that European-Americans had made an inference about Julie's personality during the first memory task, while Asian-Americans had not.

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Wanting to maximize the positive and minimize the negative: Implications for mixed affective experience in American and Chinese contexts.

This paper mainly focuses on the traditional marriage customs in China and America.

Many Chinese and western marriage customs have been studied, while the previous studies are quite limited and far from comprehensive.

Western culture attracts Chinese people’s attention unprecedentedly for China is becoming more open.

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For the rapid development of economy, Chinese people need to cooperate with westerners more frequently.

Cultural differences are evident very deep in the brain, challenging a commonsense notion that culture is skin deep.

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