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The Chopi, for instance, act out battles dressed in animal skins.

The men of Makua dress in colorful outfits and masks while dancing on stilts around the village for hours.

Mozambique’s tradition of visual art has generated several modern artists.

The two best known and most influential contemporary Mozambican artists are the painter Malangatana Ngwenya, whose paintings have captured the international audience and the sculptor Alberto Chissano.

Groups of women in the northern part of the country perform a traditional dance called tufo, to celebrate Islamic holidays.

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The natural beauty makes Ilha itself is truly a unique place to visit.

It was the capital of Mozambique for nearly four centuries under Portuguese colonization before the move to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo).

The Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gamma went for the first time in Mozambique in 1498 and the Portuguese realized the value of the island as a stopover for their merchant ships and a secure refuge.

It is impressive that there always alive a common theme of dynamic and creative cultural expression in song, oral poetry, dance, and performance despite the big range and the mixture of languages, social relationships, artistic traditions, clothing, and ornamentation patterns.

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Concerning the religion, in Mozambique Roman Catholicism, Islam, non-Catholic Christian faiths and a few other indigenous religions are present.Dances are usually complicated, highly developed traditions throughout Mozambique.

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