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01-Dec-2017 09:30

YARA is the first and only Norwegian company to sign the CEO Water Mandate.

Panelists Einar Kilde Evensen from DNB, Jeanett Bergan from KLP, Matthew Smith from Storebrand and Tora Systad Tyssen from FIVAS discussed expectations and possible guidelines for future water challenges.

By 2030 the world will have a fresh water availability gap of 40 percent", according to YARA International, at the conference represented by Hans Gossens, Downstream New Business Director.

Gossens talked about how YARA International works to address future challenges related to water.

In addition to the main library and regular branches, we also provide library services to the Oslo prison system fengselsbibliotekene and patients and their families at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet.

, which serves the entire country with its collection in approximately thirty-five languages, the original Deichman collection, a music collection, a collection for children and youth, and a special service and collection Skoletjenesten available to the Oslo school system.

This also applies to items forgotten in the security check. If you have lost checked baggage or taken the wrong bag off the belt, Lost and Found cannot help you.

The lost and found office is located in the arrivals hall (opposite of the Airport Express Train terminal). You must then contact the handling agent for your airline.

More than 780 million people across the globe lack access to clean water and in 15 years time, more than 50 percent of the world's population will live in water stressed areas and over 50 countries will potentially be in conflict over the scarce water resources.Follow the signs to Lost and Found and Baggage Service. Lost and found items can also be sent to your home address. Water poses one of the greatest sustainability challenges of the 21st century.

On 14 October, businesses, government members and civil society met at the first "Oslo Water Initiative", to establish a better understanding and closer cooperation.

"It is in the rural areas and within the pastoralist communities the need is the greatest".