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He had been a lamplighter in the old country, and for many years had known no more arduous task than that of tramping round certain streets three times daily, ladder on shoulder, bitch at heel, to attend the little flames that helped to dispel the London dark.

And he might have jogged on at this up to three score years and ten, had he never lent an ear to the tales that were being told of a wonderful country, where, for the mere act of stooping, and with your naked hand, you could pick up a fortune from the ground.

The sought after metal is hidden within the so called Zinnwaldite, a mineral ore that holds up to 0.3 percent .

The exploration is at present costing Solar World about 2 million.

He and another man had gone to the hills, to hew trees for more slabs; the rest to the grog-shop.

He only needed to put his hand to a thing, and luck deserted it.

In all the sinkings he had been connected with, he had not once caught his pick in a nugget or got the run of the gutter; the "bottoms" had always proved barren, drives been exhausted without his raising the colour.

Mining Revival German Solar Firm Goes Hunting For Lithium .

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machine, which Müller demonstrates to his guests on the German .Leaching with chlorine began in Saxony, Germany, where Carl Frederick. The move cost nearly 15 million German marks and required a team of seventy workers.