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Now, 40 per cent are divorced and 10 per cent are widowed.But attitudes are hard to change: There is still a lingering sense of embarrassment and conservativism about putting oneself out there, especially for older people in the dating pool here. Ms Yeo, for example, sees a marked contrast between men in Singapore and those from abroad.Delaying marriage is reflective of most developed countries, says associate professor Paulin Straughan, a sociologist at National University of Singapore (NUS). I sometimes spend weekends with my elder brother and sister and their children.A friend once said, 'you're content with the love you already have from your family.''' MS WEE LE FONG, 40 The main reason for delaying marriage is "competing life goals", she says, such as a prolonged period in formal education and career. In the Marriage and Parenthood Study 2012, a survey commissioned by the National Population and Talent Division, 83 per cent of single respondents indicated that they wanted to get married.

Complete Me, a dating agency with a 3,000-strong database, set up a personalised matchmaking service for above-35s last year that has since seen a 40 per cent rise in customers.

Being firstly trained in “Provide Personalised Dating Service”, certified by the Social Development Network (SDN), Edmund and Jenny went on to create a full-fledge date preparatory course specially for their DM members through comparing the various date coaching methodologies available today, customising it to suit the current societal expectations and constantly evolving the course materials to reflect the ever-changing dating environment.

The Date Preparatory Course would primarily focus on managing the various challenges when going on a date, i.e.

According to her, they had channelled all their energies into their careers, but very little into finding husbands.

"We spent the previous decade telling ourselves that we're happy as we are, and if it happens, it happens," she says.Ms Anisa Hassan, managing director of It's Just Lunch Asia, which matchmakes professionals over a meal, says: "In the past, people who were married before might have felt that the best years are behind them.