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04-Jul-2017 23:05

In writing the book, Goldman says his thesis was “If you want to understand the culture of medicine, you should pay attention to how doctors and other health professionals talk.” Basically, he says, if you listen to their slang you will learn a lot about doctors’ attitudes towards patients, situations they find frustrating and problems they have with each other.He rightly credits Samuel Shem, author of the seminal as the person who brought medical slang into the open.The purpose of argot is twofold: to prevent outsiders understanding what you’re talking about, and to create a bond between team-mates or colleagues.As an informal nomenclature, argot is used in sport, hobbies and particular occupations.

Provided the cameras are well positioned, you can keep tabs on every aspect of your business.

How would you feel about being referred to as a “horrendoma” because of some horrible illness?

Or if your loved one was a relatively young and morbidly obese person admitted to hospital with a pressure ulcer on her buttocks and a doctor referred to her as a “beemer”?

Second, most CCTV feeds don't just capture live images, but record activity, as well.

This gives you a video record of what happened and when.Each is advantageous in its own right, but together they can really make a difference in how well protected your workplace is.

Army Air Force bomber groups operated on a similar principal, in that tactical command could pass to officers who were not necessarily the senior most present, given the specific needs of the mission or casualties during the mission itself. officers and usually stems from such major offices as the Bureau of Naval Personnel or the Army Personnel Branch.… continue reading »

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Eli Roth's contribution is a promo for the slasher opus Thanksgiving.… continue reading »

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Insects that may occasionally be seen on strawberry, but are generally managed incidentally, include fruit flies, whiteflies, lygus bugs, saltmarsh caterpillars, aphids, leafrollers, tobacco budworms, mole crickets, and ants (5,6).… continue reading »

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