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19-Nov-2017 17:43

Egypt’s food bill is unsustainable without significant donor handouts or high tourist receipts.

The donors have been deterred by the policies of the Morsi government and the tourists have stayed away because of violence on the streets.

How did this excitement turn to disappointment in so little time? After spending a month cycling through the country I will now (many months later) try to make some sense of this experience and just why it is so bad to ride a bicycle as a woman alone there.

It became the constant of my journey through Egypt, waiting for me in all cities, villages and roads. ) quite possibly a prostitute, at the very least open to sex outside of marriage, a disreputable woman. I was hissed, jeered, stared and leered at and told to smile.

One taxi driver in Cairo put on My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and tried to tell me about this great restaurant he could take me for lunch.

The US contributed to the creation of the "autocracies of bread" through the provision of cheap wheat as a device to secure influence during the Cold War.

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was the main recipient along with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein who received billions of dollars’ worth of surplus American wheat through grants and loan guarantees, while Jordan, Yemen, and other Middle Eastern countries got lesser amounts.I had read that dressing conservatively with long sleeves and pants was best though some reports suggested harassment regardless of what was worn.