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Yet more than year into their investigation, they refuse to clear President Trump of Russia collusion. Somehow, the FBI is so amazingly effective and efficient that they can conclude a massive investigation of Stephen Paddock in a mere 12 hours, yet they never quite seem to complete their investigation of President Trump.

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It actually looks like someone else staged all the guns in the room, perhaps with Paddock’s willingness, then shot and killed Paddock to make him the scapegoat.

Numerous media reports confirm that Paddock had no familiarity with guns and certainly didn’t have any experience with automatic weapons.

Was he paid to be part of an operation that would then be blamed on him by making him the scapegoat?

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Further supporting the notion that Stephen Paddock was a scapegoat for all this, …Paddock had no federal, state or local history with law enforcement before his Sunday night rampage that left 58 dead and more than 500 injured.Here are 10 reasons why the official narrative is complete B. As reported on, ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting: ISIS has a long track record of only claiming responsibility for events they inspired or planned.It would not be in the interests of ISIS to falsely claim credit for an attack they did not help carry out, as that would discredit their own supporters and funding sources.From Yahoo News: People who aren’t familiar with firearms have no idea how difficult it is to conduct sustained fire with an automatic weapon.

It requires tremendous strength, endurance and training — something that Stephen Paddock had none of.Military special forces operatives train for years to be able to manage such weapons and handle all the problems they pose (barrel overheating, ammo jams, double feeds, recoil management, etc.).